Manufacturer and Supplier of Tobacco Machinery


MK-9 Cigarette Maker with Max S


Classy Range of Cigarette Brands


  • Tobacco Machinery

    Orchid Tobacco Specialize in Cigarette Making Machines, Packing Machinery, Spares and related services to the tobacco industry around the globe.

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  • Cigarette Brand

    Produce & successfully market our own cigarette brands globally and offer the service of supplying our customers with private label cigarettes according to their own brand design and taste requirements.

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  • Raw Materials

    Orchid provides a “One Stop” solution for all the raw material requirements from our clients. Which includes best quality tobacco blends, cigarette papers, tipping papers, cigarette filters, BOPP (ploy propylene), tear tapes, aluminum foils, inner frames.

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Orchid Tobacco Dubai is composed of a highly skilled and focused group of individuals striving to deliver valuable total solutions to our clients. We are innovative accessible and affordable in our endeavors, in both the national and international fields. Orchid’s personnel are recognized as more than consultants committed to proving expert advice.


Tobacco Machinery


We believe long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients by maximizing human resources to offer multi-dimensional services to our valued customers.



Cigarette Brand


In 1970’s independent cigarette factories in Asia used outdated equipment to the extent that some processes were even carried out manually. To accomplish their goal of modernization, we took the initiative to offer them modern equipment. Within a very short time we captured a big share in the market through our dedication.


Orchid Tobacco Dubai Factory Image


Orchid Tobacco is a leading cigarette manufacturer company in Dubai that is producing the genuine equipped machinery. These machines are designing according to the client’s requirements. So they can get their quality production of cigarettes in tens of thousands per hour.